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Trailer Axles & Suspension

Trailer Axles and Suspensions

At ATE UK, we understand that maintaining your trailer in good working order is essential to your business. When it comes to sourcing replacement parts  for your trailer, our comprehensive range of suspension units and trailer axles, along with a prompt delivery service, means you won’t have to disrupt your work for any longer than is necessary.

I’m not sure which components I need. Can you help?

Our customer service team is composed of quality-assured experts in their field with a comprehensive knowledge of every aspect of every trailer and component in our range. Our team members can help you isolate the cause of any issues and identify the necessary parts.


While trailer axles themselves are usually made to order, we stock a wide range of suspension parts and full trailer suspensions for a wide range of makes including Alko, Ingersol, Compare Holman, Benford, Timberwolf, and Indespension. Whatever model of trailer you have, we will be able to assist you in finding the parts you need to ensure it remains roadworthy.

Does my trailer require braked or unbraked suspension?

All trailers that weigh more than 750KG must have brakes fitted. You also require brakes on a trailer if its weight, along with the weight of the load, is greater than half the weight of the towing vehicle.

We stock a comprehensive range of both braked and unbraked trailer axles and trailer suspensions that are able to deal with loads of up to 3000KG.

My trailer is very old. Will you still be able to supply parts?

Many spare trailer parts, such as torsion bars, are so old that they are almost obsolete, but we are fully aware that there are still thousands of vehicles on the road today that require spares. We hold a wide range of torsion bars in stock so even if you have been told that the parts you need are no longer available, the chances are that ATE UK can help.

If you need bespoke trailer axles or trailer suspensions, simply contact our sales team to discuss the matter in more detail. We will need to you provide us with a number of measurements in order to accept your order and you will also need to inform us of the length of brake cable you will require for your suspension unit. If you would rather send the information online, you can do so using our simple electronic form.

Will your suspension units fit my trailer?

Rubber suspension trailer axles are most up-to-date trailer suspension available and consist of a full-width beam which adds rigidity yet still allows the units to offer the same level of performance as independent trailer suspensions.

These trailer suspensions can be studded to match a range of wheel stud patterns. Supplied in two parts, they are totally universal and can be fitted to any width of trailer. They are also available in both braked and unbraked versions, so you won’t need to pay out for a more sophisticated system than the one you require.

We also stock items such as stub axles, leaf springs, solid beam axles, slipper end springs and double eye leaf springs, so whatever type of suspension your trailer requires, we will be able to supply the necessary parts.

I need parts urgently. How soon can you dispatch them?

If your trailer is an older model, you may find yourself needing to replace several parts. There are few things more frustrating than being unable to go about your business because of delays in getting the equipment that you need. For this reason, ATE UK has an Earlybird delivery service where we guarantee that, if you place an order before 3.30pm, we will deliver your parts the following morning.

Not only does this provide you with great convenience, but it also adds to your peace of mind knowing that, in the very worst-case scenario, your replacement trailer axles or other parts will be with you promptly, and your trailer will be back on the road in no time.

Why choose ATE for Trailer Axles?

With more than 20 years of experience of distributing suspension units, trailer parts, trailer axles, suspension units and trailer suspensions all across the world, you can rest assured that ATE UK has the necessary experience to help you with whatever you need.

We pride ourselves on our exceptional levels of service and the high level of knowledge of our sales team. If you’re looking for a fast, reliable supplier of trailer parts and spares who always puts the customer first, we promise not to let you down.

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