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Trailer Brakes

ATE UK pride ourselves on our extensive range of trailer brakes spares from the industry’s leading brands, including Alko, Knott, Lockheed and BPW. We couple our full and comprehensive listing of trailer brakes and trailer parts with a professional team of specialists to ensure that you get the parts you need, when you need them. We offer our customers an early bird delivery option: next day delivery before noon, to help you get your trailer back on the road.

To improve the efficiency and safety of your trailer, it is imperative that you check your trailer’s brakes and make any adjustments to optimise their performance. You need to be able to rely on your trailer’s braking system for everyday use and, of course, in emergency situations. ATE UK only provide quality parts to our customers. We are champions of towing vehicle efficiency and will advise you as to the best products to suit your requirements. This means that we may require further information from you such as measurements, dimensions and fitting types before you make your order.


Whether you need a complete trailer brakes system, peak brake cables or castle nuts and washers, we can provide you with the parts that you need. Before you make your purchase, check the manufacturer’s specifications to make sure that you are buying the right part, but again, our team are on hand to give you advice and guidance to guarantee that you make the right selection.

How Do I Tell Whether My Trailer Brakes Need Replacing?

Much like with vehicle brakes, you will be able to tell by the change in performance of the trailer. If the trailer’s performance has been in decline and not being as reactive as it ordinarily is, and you can’t identify any other reason for it, the chances are high that the brakes need some attention. You may have noticed a squealing or screeching noise while you have been driving – if this is the case, you need to examine your trailer’s brakes.

Jack up your trailer and remove the wheel. The good news is that drum brakes only require simple maintenance, and if the shoes look worn, they are quick and inexpensive to replace. Look on the inside of the drum, you may see grooves on the drum’s inner wall. If the grooves look deep, or you see evidence of burnt spots, you need to replace the drum.

The brake lining and shoes should be evenly worn.The majority of brake shoes and linings can withstand a good 20,000 to 40,000 miles of use – although the weight of the load that the trailer has carried will influence the mileage that they can withstand – grooves develop through use, and eventually they will develop a glazed appearance. If the shoes need replacing, you can pry open the drum brake system, swap the set of shoes, reconnect the brackets and springs, and restore the drum to the wheel.

Tip: while you are replacing your trailer brakes, use this as an opportunity to clean and lubricate the wheel bearings.

Beware: the inhalation of trailer brakes dust can seriously affect your health, so you must wear a mask when inspecting your drum brake. Never blow the dust away from parts, instead saturate it with brake parts cleaner to restrict the dust from becoming airborne.

How Do I Make My Trailer Brake System Last longer?

The way that you drive the towing vehicle significantly influences the longevity of the trailer brakes system. Here are some tips on how to drive to cause less impact on your breaking system:

·         Rapid acceleration and the consequential need to brake harder, causes unnecessary wear and tear on the brake pads.

·         Never overload your trailer; not only is this illegal, but overloading your trailer increases the pressure that must be exerted on your braking system to stop. Make an extra journey and lighten the load.

·         Be aware of your surroundings and traffic ahead. If you anticipate potential braking hazards in good time, you are able to apply the brakes steadily, rather than requiring a harder and quicker reaction.

·         If you are towing on a descending steep hill, take your time and pull over to allow your brakes to cool and avoid damage.

Identifying which parts you need to complete your brake maintenance can feel like a minefield. Our specialist team are more than happy to help you with any queries you may have with trailer brakes. We can advise you across the board on brake drums, standard or reversible brakes, cables for standard, swan or height adjustable couplings, linkage parts and nuts and bolts. The brands that we choose to stock are quality assured and will give you the peace of mind that you are looking for.

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