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Trailer Lights & Electrical

ATE Trailer Lights / Trailer Electricals

Every trailer on the road must comply with minimal lighting requirements that require them to be fitted with sidelights, stoplights, reflective triangles, amber indicators and front reflectors. Larger trailers may also require foglamps.

If your trailer lights or any part of the electrical system on your trailer is not functioning correctly, you risk falling foul of the law and need to remedy the situation as quickly as possible. At ATE UK we stock a vast range of lighting and electrical accessories you can use to both determine the source of the problem and to resolve it.


We stock both single and combination lamps, marker lamps, multifunction front lamps, number plate lamps, wiring kits, replacement clusters, reflectors and, of course, a huge selection of replacement bulbs. From electrical testers and battery chargers to cable strippers and inspection lamps, we have everything you need to ensure your trailer electricals are always in full working order.

Speedy delivery and expert advice

The guidelines that outline the type of trailer lights that must be fitted, the number lights and their position, along with that of any reflectors, are extremely strict. If you are unsure of the exact requirements for your particular trailer, any member of our sales team – all of whom are experts in their field - will be able to advise you.

Unless the electrical connection between your trailer and your vehicle is secure, your lighting system will fail to work, potentially endangering other road users. We sell a complete range of trailer plugs and sockets so whatever type of connection you have between your vehicle tow bar and trailer, we will be able to help you find and fix any faults.

The legal requirements around lighting and electrical systems of trailers means you may not be able to make use of your equipment until any faults are repaired. At ATE we understand that this sometimes means you require parts as a matter of urgency. In order to assist such customers, we offer an Earlybird service which ensures that, so long as you place your order no later than 3.30pm, you can receive the items you need the very next morning.

The range of available trailer electricals and lighting options is almost endless, and we may not have listed them all on our website. If you can’t find the item you are looking for don’t despair, simply call our sales office and our friendly team will do our very best to help. Alternatively, if you are passing through the area, you are more than welcome to visit our trade counter in person.

Lighting solutions

Depending on the size and configuration of your trailer, it may not be possible for you to attach permanent lights. There may also be times when you need to tow a piece of plant or equipment that is loaded onto your trailer in such a way as to block the existing lighting fixtures. In these circumstances, a trailer light board is the perfect solution. These are available in a range of shapes and sizes so it’s easy to find one that suits your specific application.

As well as helping you to be seen by other drivers, lighting can also be useful inside your trailer, making it easier to check on the condition of whatever items you are transporting. We have a selection of lamps in stock, available as either strips or spots, both of which can take the hard work out of an impromptu inspection.

Safety at work

If your trailers are being used for breakdown work or used to transport plant or other machinery to carry out work close to open roads, we have a wide range of exterior lighting solutions along with light bars and flashing or rotating beacons. These make it easier for you to carry out your work when lighting conditions are poor and will also illuminate your trailer and staff sufficiently to alert other road users to the potential danger.

One-stop lighting shop

Whether you’re building your own trailer from scratch, upgrading the electrical system on an old trailer or repairing the trailer lights on an existing one, we stock everything you could possibly need.

ATE UK has been a leading supplier of trailer parts and spares for more than 20 years. We pride ourselves holding comprehensive levels of stock and employing staff with the right level of knowledge and expertise to ensure we always achieve high levels of customer satisfaction. Give us a call today and ensure lighting and electrical woes are a thing of the past.


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