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Latest News and Events from ATE UK

  • Survey Prize Draw Winner

    Colin Post, of Versatile Equipment, Borough Green (right) is seen here receiving a Bose Mini Soundwave 2 from Area Sales Manager Glenn Pooley. Colin was the prize draw winner selected for completing a customer survey for ATE.

    Congratulations Colin!

  • Pipe Trailers Ltd acquired by ATE (UK) Ltd

    We are very pleased to announce that on Friday 21st July ATE (UK) Ltd completed the acquisition of the full design rights, goodwill and stock from Pipe Trailers Ltd.  Steve Bradshaw, Managing Director at ATE said “This is the dawn of an exciting new era at ATE and further strengthens our position in our key markets.”

    We will now be handling all trailer and spares enquiries.  We are in the process of setting up production facilities at our location in Colchester, and will be working hard to get into a position where we can start supply as soon as possible.  Any orders will be welcome and will be processed in a strictly first come first served basis.  We do have stock of common spares for immediate dispatch.

  • ATE's first customer retires after 22 years of loyal business!

    ATE's first ever customer, Pete Button from Morrison Plant Services retires after 22 years of loyal business!  We wish him all the best for his retirement years.

    He said 'I have dealt with ATE ever since they first started in Wimpole Road, 22 years ago and they have always had what I want'.

  • ATE UK displaying the new Wheel Sentry reflector at the CLOCS EVENT

    We look forward to meeting you at the CLOCS Event, 14th March at ExCel, London.  ATE UK will be on stand 16 and are proud to be displaying the new Wheel Sentry Reflector!


  • Executive Hire Show Red Letter Day Winner!

    We are pleased to announce Luke Findlay, Director at Emmitt Plant, as the winner of the Red Letter Day at the Executive Hire Show 2017 as a result of visiting the ATE stand!
    Luke will experience the ultimate in driving thrills with extreme rally driving in Essex, finishing with a white-knuckle high-speed passenger ride driven by a pro and a certificate to recognise his achievement of the laps he has driven in a variety of rally vehicles.
    Sales Director Kevin Bradshaw is shown here handing the prize to Luke.

  • British Heart Foundation Annual Bagathon

    Our Area Sales Director (Midlands) - Kevin Bradshaw, led a local campaign to support the BHF Annual Bagathon challenge, where generous donors can donate unwanted items of clothing, books and toys to those less fortunate than ourselves.

    We are very pleased to announce that Kevin reached 130% of his target, collecting a total of 220 bags!  This is a fantastic result and we'd like to express our heartfelt thanks to everyone who supported this great cause!


  • ATE Sponsor IRTE Conference

    ATE UK Ltd are pleased to announce the sponsorship of the Institute of Road Transport Engineers (IRTE) Conference to help reduce road traffic indicents.

    The annual IRTE Conference is the premier UK event for fleet managers, transport engineers and workshop managers. It delivers valuable content and technology updates from the UK’s leading transport authorities and government representatives.

    ATE are leaders in ground-breaking wheel safety advancement with the development of Wheel Sentry, and will be showcasing the unique product range designed to help eliminate the loss of wheels.

    This year’s programme will boast top level keynote speakers delivering presentations, seminars and workshops, a contribution from a DVSA representative and an update from the Senior Traffic Commissioner under the headline banner of “Driving fleet operational efficiency, profitability & compliance”.

    The conference takes place on 28 September at Eastwood Hall, Nottingham. Full details are available here...

    Call 01206 795949 or email to book your demonstration now.


  • We are pleased to announce the winner as…

    Paul Skingle from Atlas Winch & Hoist was the lucky winner of a free Apply iPad as a result of completing our short customer survey in August.

    We would also like to take this opportunity to thank everyone who participated in this customer survey.  Every bit of feedback is appreciated and we will be taking action to act on the information sent in.

    Paul Skingle says “We use ATE for all our parts due to their good service, good pricing, and the delivery times.  It works well for us as a hire company, and we recommend it to anyone.”

    A very happy Paul is shown here holding his prize.


    Thanks Paul and all the best with your new iPad!

  • Frightening Statistics for a Detached Wheel!

    Frightening Statistics for a Detached Wheel!


    After all, the wheel nuts on your vehicle are tightened correctly, and wheel detachment only happens to other people so why should you be concerned?

    Have you considered what may happen if you were the unfortunate person to experience that fate? Have you thought about the possible resulting injury - or worse, let alone the inevitable corporate damage and litigation?


    The statistics are frightening, and should provoke some serious consideration with any safety conscious driver or fleet operator.

    Of course it may never happen to you, and we sincerely hope that it doesn't, but can you afford to leave it to chance? A proper maintenance procedure and daily inspection routine incorporating an effective indicator and retainer system is the only way to effectively eliminate this risk.

    Make sure you don't become a statistic.

    Read the statistics on the link here.

    Find out more on our dedicated website


  • Why do I get inside tyre wear on my trailer?

    Why do I get inside tyre wear on my trailer?

    Most tyre wear is caused by either by overloading, incorrect toe settings, incorrect camber or a combination of any of the three. The most common wear problems are usually on the inside edge of the trailer wheels, and because of this are not so easily detected unless a thorough visual inspection is undertaken.

    Incorrect alignment, overloading and inferior axles can all result in premature tyre wear and costly replacements, which is a shame when this can all be avoided.

    Tyre Wear Web Image

    Download a document here.

    Toe Settings

    ‘Toe’ is the angle formed by two horizontal lines through the planes of two wheels. Toe-in is when the horizontal lines intersect in front of the vehicle, whereas Toe-out is when the horizontal lines intersect behind the wheels.

    Toe-in is when wheels are closer together at the front than at the back, while toe-out is when the wheels are closer together at the back than at the front.

    Excessive toe-in wears the outside edge of tyres, while excessive toe-out wears the inside edge of the tyres.

    With toe-in the effect of the road friction between the rubber and road pulls the tyres out in a straight direction, which is known as steering deflection.

    An axle with inherent toe-in will reduce oversteer, steady the trailer and enhance stability at speed.


    Camber angle is the measurement in degrees of the difference between the wheels’ vertical alignment in relation to the road surface. If a wheel is perfectly perpendicular to the ground, its camber would be 0 degrees. Camber is described as negative when the top of the tyres tilt in towards each other. Consequently, when the top of the tyres tilt away from the vehicle it is considered positive.

    A tyre that is wearing more on the inside of the tread is usually either the result of overloading or the camber being inadequate. If the camber is 0 degrees (90º angle from the road surface) this will usually result in a negative camber when the trailer is loaded, thus leading to excessive wear on the inside edge.

    The ideal solution for most trailers is positive camber, which results in a zero camber when loaded and ensures even tyre wear.

    Rubber Suspension Axles

    Rubber suspension (torsion) axles currently offer the most reliable and up to date form of suspension for trailers, with excellent ride characteristics to cope with operation in both laden and unladen conditions.

    Consisting of a full width beam they add rigidity to the chassis of the trailer, but have the performance of independent suspension. The construction of the axle consists of rubber strands placed in the end of the box section, whilst the suspension arm is pressed in between. Once weight is applied, the rotation of the drop arm is controlled by the compression of the rubber, resulting in a very effective suspension.

    Rubber suspension axles are typically built with 1 – 2 degrees’ toe-in and camber, ensuring optimum performance under all towing conditions.

    Solid Beam Axles

    Although now not so common, solid beam axles are still used in conjunction with leaf springs and are constructed using a solid bar rather than box section. The stubs are turned on the end, allowing the brakes to be fitted. Beam axles have no toe-in and no camber.

    Towmate Trailers

    Towmate trailers by ATE incorporate rubber torsion suspension as standard, and along with a multitude of other quality features offer rugged dependable towing for a wide range of applications. Call us today for details.

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