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Loose Wheels

Loose Wheels

With wheel-offs being an increasing incident that happens on the road, we thought we would share with you some information and tips to ensure your wheels are safe.

Loose wheels on a trailer can be caused by many variables; it is always important to check your wheels whilst doing your daily checks.

Some issues that may influence your wheel to come loose are: improper mating surface, loss of lubrication, thermal contractions, incorrect installation, lack of maintenance, suspension, axle, wheel bearing or loose wheel fasteners.

Many of the faults above can happen at the same time, so ensuring you keep a close eye on your wheels to eliminate potential faults is key. If your wheel fasteners are loose it can cause the wheel to wobble, this will result in the wheel losing lubricant and the bearings failing. This is just one example of how one issue can lead to many.

Regular checks on your wheels are important. If your wheel fasteners are too tight it will damage the bearing causing the fastener to lose lubrication, whilst making the fastener overheat and the seal to break.

From reading the information above, you may be aware of how important it is to fasten the wheel nuts to the right tightness. This all depends on the variables of the wheels, remember this, as a simple mistake can cause a lot of damage.

When it comes to loose wheels, it is crucial to make sure you have a clean and secure mating surface when fastening your wheel nuts. From everyday use, our vehicles gather dirt, grit or even rust, if this settles on the mating surface it may result in false clamping force or false torque when the nuts are being tightened. Another issue that can arise when your wheel nuts are too loose, is the result of the studs snapping. As they become looser they then push more pressure vigorously onto the studs which can result in the stud breaking which will end up with the wheel falling off.

Other external factors that can result in your wheels becoming loose and, more seriously, wheel loss are road vibrations, shock forces, vertical forces from the wheel and wheel turning when breaking or accelerating. One way to ensure your wheel nuts are safe other than doing daily checks is by using tools such as wheel nut indicators.

Wheel nut indicators are great for making you aware when there is an issue with your wheel safety. The indicators are fixed to a nut and if they rotate, this is a warning of a problem.

If you are looking for something that will not only just indicate if a wheel nut is loose, but also retain that nut in transit, then we would suggest looking at WheelSentry

As a safety-first company, here at ATE we like to promote and offer a range of high quality, high performing products that are going to keep you safe out on the road.