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Does my trailer lighting meet requirements?

Does my trailer lighting meet requirements?

Ever since The Road Vehicles Lighting Regulations was passed in 1989, it has been a legal requirement to have the correct lighting fixed to your trailer.

Making sure other drivers can properly see your trailer is vitally important when it comes to road safety. That’s why we’ve put together a simple guide to keep you in check with government regulations.

What you need to be compliant to the Road Vehicles Lighting Regulations:  -

Red stoplights (x2)

Red reflective triangles (x2)

Sidelights (x2)

An illuminated number plate

Amber indicators that flash between 60-120 times per minute.

A light or buzzer that enables you to let the driver know your indicators are working properly.

It is also important to note that there are additional requirements for the age and size of your trailer.  If your trailer was built after 30th September 1990, it will require white front reflectors. In addition, any trailers that were made after October 2012, and have brakes, are required to be fitted with an additional reverse light.

Arranging your Trailer Indicators:

As a minimum, make sure your trailer indicators are 400mm apart from each other.

They should be at least 350mm, and no more than, 1500mm from the ground.

Be sure to keep them no further than 400mm from the side of the trailer.

What about the Trailer Fog Lamps?

If you have a single fog lamp, it should be mounted to the back, anywhere between the centre and the offside edge of the trailer. For two fog lamps, they must be positioned at opposite ends of the rear of the trailer. Keep your fog lamps separated from the tail lights by at least 100mm. They should be a minimum of 250mm, and no more than 1000mm, from the ground and at least 400mm apart.

Positioning your reflective rear triangles is also important. Keep them a minimum of 250mm and a maximum of 900mm from the ground, with a minimum separation of 600mm and no more than 400mm from the sides.

These measurements might sound complex, but it’s important to ensure your trailer lighting is within the regulation standards.

ATE UK have a large supply of Trailer Lights and Electrical Equipment and are more than happy to help you meet the correct legislations.