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A Quick and Simple Checklist for Maintaining Your Trailer

A Quick and Simple Checklist for Maintaining Your Trailer

The lack of an MOT for a trailer means that the burden of maintaining and repairing is the responsibility of the owner. The consequences of not doing so could result in you getting points on your license or even having your trailer seized!

Don’t worry though, checking whether your trailer is roadworthy does not take long and it could save you money and stress in the future. Furthermore, it will minimise the risk of your trailer becoming a hazard to other road users.

Here at ATE-UK we have compiled a handy guide, which should make it easier to assess the condition of your trailer and avoid any unnecessary problems down the line.

Remember, it is worth checking your trailer each time you head out on the road, as during each journey a new problem could occur. Below are a number of small and quick checks which can be carried out to make sure that everything is running smoothly.


Start by checking that:

  • All fasteners are secured
  • The tyre pressure is satisfactory
  • The trailer lights are operational
  • The breakaway cable/ secondary coupling chain is functioning
  • The number plate is displayed clearly
  • The load is secure
  • The wheel nuts are tight


A quick run through this list should provide a useful assessment of whether your trailer is roadworthy. If you leave the maintenance of your trailer for too long, there are a number of risks that can occur and a small issue can snowball into a major and costly problem!

For instance, the tires of the trailer can perish and the electricals, bearings, and couplings can potentially corrode. Additionally, there is also the risk that the wheel bearings will fail and this could potentially lead to the whole wheel falling off. These issues clearly highlight that it’s better to identify any problems early on.

If any of this sounds daunting, rest assured that a simple evaluation of your trailer each time you head out will ensure a long and healthy life for your trailer and will save you money too.