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Wheel Sentry®

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Wheel Sentry® Simply fitted to the wheel nuts, they are linked together with a Viton band that allows the wheel nuts to loosen slightly, but then holds them at a new lower torque level. The new position of the Wheel Sentry® indicator is clearly visible when checked and ensures prompt attention to the loosened nut.


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Benefits of Using Wheel Sentry®

Wheel Sentry® retains wheel nuts without causing the fatigue and thread damage that conventional retainers can. Helping prevent the expense of damage or accident, and alerting the operator with prompt indication of any potential problems, Wheel Sentry® is a low cost insurance policy for trailers and towed equipment.

  • Wheel-nut indicator and retainer in one
  • Fits all known stud configurations up to 10 stud
  • No tools needed to install or replace
  • Allows a small amount of nut loosening to releive stress but retains at a safe torque level
  • Clear indication of wheel nuts needing tightening
  • Prevents metal fatigue or thread damage through overstretching
  • Unique Design - patent pending

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View the demo video below to see how it works!

Wheel Sentry Promo Final from ATE UK on Vimeo

How To Use

Wheel Sentry Configuration

Wheel Sentry Configuration

Note: with even stud configurations the pointers should face each other in pairs.

Wheel Sentry® For Commerical Vehicles

Looking for Wheel Sentry® for commercial vehicles? ATE stock sizes in all stud configurations for both heavy goods and light goods vehicles. Visit our dedicated website for more information.

Commerical Wheel Sentry

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