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ATE Trailer Wheels/Trailer Mudguards

The tyres of your trailer are the only part of it that is in contact with the surface of the road. The level of comfort you experience while driving, stability while cornering and effectiveness of steering and braking are all depending on the quality of your tyres, so it is essential that both they and your trailer wheels are properly maintained at all times.

At ATE UK we stock a comprehensive range of replacement tyres for trailers and can cater for virtually all makes and models making it easy for you to obtain the parts you need. All of our tyres and parts are supplied by reputable manufacturers, so you can rest assured that whatever you buy will be more than up to the job at hand.


Speedy service

We understand that in the event of a puncture or blowout, obtaining new tyres is a matter of urgency as you will be unable to use your trailer until the faulty tyre has been replaced. Our Earlybird service guarantees that, if we have the tyres in stock, you will receive them the following morning just so long as the order is placed before 3.30pm.

It is both dangerous and illegal to mix tyres of different types on the same axle so under some circumstances, you may need to purchase more than one. If you are unclear about which type of tyre is currently fitted to your trailer, speak to a member of our friendly sales team and they will be able to assist you.


You are legally required to fit mudguards to your trailer if the body of the vehicle fails to offer sufficient protection from surface spray. Our range of trailer mudguards includes models suitable for a variety of wheel sizes and available for both single and tandem axle models. Whether you choose our plastic, steel or galvanised steel mudguards, they will be robust enough to handle the most demanding of conditions.

Trailer mudguards also help extend the life of your trailer by reducing the amount of damage caused by debris such as dirt, rocks, salt and water that are thrown up by tyres during the course of any journey.

We also stock a range of other accessories to help you keep your trailer wheels and tyres in top condition, including torque wrenches, pressure gauges, trolley jacks, depth gauges and socket sets. 

In addition to tyres for standard trailers, we can also source tyres for lawn care equipment and all-terrain vehicles.

Under pressure

As trailer wheels spin freely rather than directing power from the engine onto the road, they require tyres with flexible sidewalls in order to keep their tread firmly anchored. As a result, an under-inflated trailer tyre may be less obvious than it would be on a towing vehicle.

Over-inflated tyres will result in a less comfortable ride and accelerate the rate of wear at the centre of the tyre, making it more susceptible to damage. Under-inflated tyres will tend to flex excessively, speeding the deterioration of the casing and causing the tread shoulders to wear out more rapidly. Your towing vehicle will also consume more fuel due to increased drag. We recommend the regular use of a pressure gauge. Ideally, tyre pressures should be checked once each week and before the start of any long journey.

If one of your trailer tyres has lost pressure, but there is no sign of a puncture, it may be the result of a faulty valve. We stock replacements suitable for most tyre models. We also stock inner tubes which make it possible for you to repair a tyre without the use of sealants. 

Repairs and replacements

Looking after the wheel rims of your trailer is almost as important as looking after your tyres. If you need to replace damaged rims, we carry a broad selection of models from some of the leading manufacturers in the country, all of which are built to the highest possible specifications. We also sell complete wheel assemblies suitable for a range of applications and terrains.

With so many variations in trailer wheels and tyres available, finding the right ones and ensuring they are suitable to the maximum load on your axle is not always straightforward.

If you are repairing or refitting your existing trailer or building a trailer of your own from scratch, our extensive range of trailer wheels and tyres will include what you need to get back on the road. If you need a specific configuration of wheel and tyre, then we can create this for you on request.

With 20 years of experience of distributing everything from trailer mudguards and security accessories to other parts and spares, we have a solid reputation for always putting our customers first. Ordering with ATE means fast, reliable delivery and first-class service every time. Whether you require a new set of tyres, mudguards or a puncture repair kit, we will get you exactly what you need with the minimum of fuss and at the best possible price.


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