Coupling Bowden Cables

The coupling Bowden cable is critical for the trailer's brake function, and it has to withstand a lot of stress. It helps your trailer to do the job reliably and under any operating conditions. Browse through our selection of flexible Bowden cables that are ideal for bridging larger distances and are excellent transmitters of push, pull and rotational movements. We offer various Bowden cable products suitable for a wide range of power transducing applications, such as engine control and brakes, gear changes, heating systems and locking systems.

Our Bowden cable products feature a rigid or flexible inner core, wire sheathing and plastic sheathing to protect against dirt and rust. Sourced from industry-leading brands like AL-KO, KNOTT and Bradley, our collection includes cables of premium-quality. We also feature other cable products, including Alko brake cables, BPW and BPW heavy-duty cables, Knott detachable and heavy-duty cables, Knott quick fit and non-detachable cables, and peak brake cable products.

Our trailer brake cable range is hand-picked from industry-leading brands, and they're built to give you peace of mind knowing your trailer braking system is responsive and functional, no matter how much abuse it goes through. Although seemingly insignificant, the brake cable on your trailer plays a crucial role in its safety. Order a Bowden cable today and get a next working day delivery for cables ordered before 4:30pm.

ATE aims to become your one-stop-shop for trailer parts and equipment. Increase your safety and ensure your trailer is always in the best shape with our wide range of high-quality parts and spares. Not only do we stock a premium selection of trailer cable products, but we also look to offer outstanding customer service and build personal, long-lasting relationships with our customers. If you aren't sure which Bowden cable is best suited for your trailer, please contact us, and one of our customer support representatives will help you choose the right cable for your application.

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