Trailer Axles, Suspension and Leaf Springs

Our range of trailer axles, suspension and leaf springs are engineered and developed to be hard wearing, resilient and ensure the travel of your trailer remains as smooth as possible. Our trailer axle range is comprised of hard-wearing welded and bolted metal and rubber mount components of the highest quality. Our trailer axles form the strongest base for your trailer or can be used to replace, arguably one of the hardest working components of your existing trailer. Our range also includes and extensive range of spare parts and addition items to replace any lost or damaged items you may have. 

We also stock a comprehensive selection of suspension units and leaf springs. Both leaf springs and suspension units are engineered to ensure the negative ride impacts of your trailer are dampened, fitting flush to the axle and supporting the weight of the cargo and reducing weight shifting during transit. Leaf Springs spread the cargo weight and reduce strain on the axle, inversely suspension units limit the impact that the road surface has on the axle and softens the ride of the trailer.

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