What is Wheel Sentry?

The only two-in-one loose wheel nut indicator and retainer

Wheel Sentry® is an easy-to-fit loose wheel nut indicator, wheel nut cover and wheel nut retainer in one. It alerts you to loosened wheel nuts to prevent wheel detachment, protecting you against wheel loss.

Wheel Sentry® makes wheel checks quick and easy. It is available in a wide range of sizes to fit HGV’s, LGV’s and Trailers. Wheel Sentry® wheel nut indicators are easily push-fit over the wheel nuts of your HGV, LGV or Trailer. Once positioned, they link together with a tough Viton band. This allows wheel nuts to loosen slightly, then holds them in place for complete peace of mind.

Find Your Wheel Sentry.

Use our Wheel Sentry finder to find the right product for your vehicle! Vehicle not listed? Contact us and we will be happy to help.


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"The Wheel Sentry set have been fitted and to be honest they were easier to fit than the standard yellow pointers we use." 

Dave Pacey, Ashtead Plant Hire Company Ltd

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