The Risks & Costs

Monday 5th June 2023


Did you know? In a recent survey, 32% of truckers admitted they don't check their vehicle's wheel nut indicators for loose wheel nuts. This can lead to prosecution following roadside checks by the DVSA or Traffic Police.

Fitting Wheel Sentry® to your fleet will demonstrate that you are taking loose wheel nut and wheel detachment seriously.

The DVSA and Traffic Police can issue fixed penalty notices for road worthiness offences, such as defective wheel or wheel fixings after a road worthiness inspection.

Fixed penalties can be as high as £300 per issue and some offences also carry an endorsement.

If the offences committed are considered too severe or numerous for a fixed penalty, the offender will be handed a notice of intended prosecution.


If wheel loss results in an accident involving other vehicles, the driver and operator may be liable for damage or injury. The cost of not fitting your fleet with Wheel Nut indicators is outweighed by the benefits of installing Wheel Sentry®.

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