Trailer Lights and Electrical


Having appropriate trailer lighting is essential for keeping the trailers compliant with UK lighting requirements. But most importantly, trailer lights are essential for safety, as they let other drivers know you’re towing a trailer and what your intentions are beforehand. Your trailer lights are your number one safety feature against rear-end collision, which is why you should never skimp on the quality of these trailer parts.

At ATE, we stock a premium range of trailer lights and electric trailer parts for this very reason. From beacons, reflectors and reflectors, we offer temporary and permanent trailer lighting solutions, as well as all the necessary electrical trailer parts to make your trailer lights functional. Trailer lights are subjected to a lot of wear and tear resulting from road vibrations, which is why it is important for your trailer to be equipped with durable trailer lights.

That being said, we offer LED lights that can withstand even the roughest driving conditions, and provide you with thousands of hours of faithful service. Furthermore, we offer rear fog lights for trailers that will ensure you remain seen even in the most unfavourable conditions. Alternatively, you can browse through our reflector selection and find self-adhesive lighting solutions that are easy to apply and are suitable for front, side and rear trailer use.

Besides our broad range of trailer lights, we also feature an extensive range of electrical components to ensure the lighting system on your trailer works properly. This includes ancillary parts such as spade terminals and junction boxes, bulbs, cables, extension leads, converters and harnesses, inverters and onboard power equipment, and electrical testers.

Having said that, browse through our many categories of lighting solutions for trailers and choose based on your application and needs. We stock tried and tested products that can withstand even the toughest environments, so you can rest assured you’re buying quality products that will last. Contact us for inquiries or help, and our knowledgeable customer service staff will help you make the right purchase. Order before 4:30 PM and get next working day delivery on all trailer parts orders from our site.

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