Why Use Wheel Nut Indicators?

Monday 5th June 2023

Wheel Sentry Wheel Nut Indicators help to prevent the expense of damages and accidents following the event of a loose wheel and provide a prompt indication of any potential wheel detachment problems. The bright green nut covers are clearly visible and are fitted and linked together with a Viton band that allows wheel nuts to loosen slightly, but then holds them in place at a lower torque level until a driver completes their daily check and re-torques the nuts. For more information on how Wheel Sentry works, you can read our blog here.


  • Significantly reduces the risk of wheel detachments, accidents, injuries and fatalities
  • Makes wheel checks and maintenance easy and therefore reduces downtime and costly repairs, reducing the time your vehicles spend in the workshop.
  • Prevent expensive VOSA prohibitions for suspect wheel fixings, and the consequences for drivers, operators’ OCRS (Operator Compliance Risk Score), and maintenance staff.
  • A unique two-in-one solution that both indicates and retains loosened wheel nuts
  • Fits all known stud configurations up to 10 studs and is the only indicator that effectively manages 5-stud configurations
  • No tools are needed to install or replace the wheel indicators; installed using an easy push-fit system.
  • Heat build-up easily detected
  • Prevents metal fatigue or thread damage through overstretching
Read more about Wheel Sentry here or contact us on 01206 585438 or email sales@ate-uk.com.  

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